To Combat Climate Change, Ukraine And The EU Have Pledged To Plant Three Billion Trees.

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine has announced ambitious intentions to plant one billion trees around the country in the next three years.

The statement came just days after the conclusion of the climate talks at the COP26 summit in Glasgow.

Ukraine, along with the rest of the 27-nation European Union, aims to plant three billion trees over the next decade in order to take a deep breath and replenish the planet’s “lungs.”

Carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas created by burning fossil fuels such as oil and coal, is naturally absorbed by trees. Forests, according to scientists, operate as massive carbon sinks, removing heat-trapping CO2.

In the next three years, there are also plans to construct more than ten advanced breeding and seed centres.

Workers in the country’s northern Zhytomyr region are planting little tree seedlings in an effort to mitigate the consequences of climate change.

“[The entire] European Union revealed intentions to plant three billion trees in ten years, but our objective is to plant one billion in three years,” Yuriy Bolokhovets, the chairman of the state forest agency, said.

However, one scientist thinks that the “impossible” goal can be met.

“In terms of space and timing, the president’s plan is just unachievable,” said Ukrainian nature conservation and biodiversity specialist Bohdan Prots.

“”They have to plant 10 trees or 200 seedlings in a second, which is technically impossible,” he added.

Ukraine is the second-largest country on the continent, behind Russia, with a total size of more than 600 thousand square kilometres.

Experts estimate that forests cover around 16 percent of Ukraine’s land area, with 3 to 4% more needed to prevent climate change.

Foresters in western Ukraine, on the other hand, say they are already seeing the effects of climate change, with greater temperatures and decreased groundwater causing European pines, the most prevalent tree in Ukraine’s Carpathian Mountains, to dry up.

Vasyl Dmytryiv, the head of Ukraine’s forest unit, stated, “In my opinion, global warming is the fundamental reason for the drying up of the European pine.””

According to a 2019 study by Swiss experts, the most effective approach to combat global warming is to plant a trillion, if not more, trees.

According to the study, those new trees might absorb approximately 830 billion tonnes of heat-trapping carbon dioxide from the atmosphere over the next few decades, roughly equal to the amount of carbon pollution emitted by people in the last 25 years.

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