The Next Generation Of Komatsu Comfort Ride Is Revealed.

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The next generation of Komatsu Comfort Ride has been introduced, with various comfort-enhancing features to improve the working environment for forwarder operators.

The forwarder option was originally introduced in 2013, and it features a four-point hydraulic cab suspension system that effectively dampens jolts and vibrations.

The option to alter the cab suspension’s lateral firmness is a new feature in its current form. Whether the user is slowly moving over an off-road obstacle or driving unladen from the landing to the next wood pile, this function is matched to the machine’s speed to make driving as comfortable as possible. In practise, the hardness of the suspension gradually increases with machine speed to ensure maximum comfort.

“Because operator preferences for appropriate cab suspension in various scenarios change, specific modifications can be made for each operator and settings are automatically saved in MaxiXT,” stated Daniel Grabbe, Komatsu’s product manager for forwarders.

Komatsu unveils Comfort Ride: the next generation

If the machine is stationary or moving slowly, the new Comfort Ride can level the cab laterally on grades of up to six degrees. This allows operators to operate in a more comfortable position while operating the crane. The longitudinal suspension is prioritised when the machine is going at faster speeds to better handle tough terrain.

Unloading mode, which elevates the cab the full stroke of the cylinders to allow a clear view of the load area, has been available on Comfort Ride for a long time. This function has been upgraded to work at low speeds, allowing the operator to adjust the machine during the landing while keeping the elevated posture. If the speed, on the other hand, increases, the cab is automatically lowered back to its original position.

“Komatsu Comfort Ride simply offers forwarder operators a physiologically more forgiving work environment, while the reduction in jolts and vibrations allows them to maintain their focus and energy levels for longer,” Grabbe noted.

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