The Forestry Policy Group Of Minister Hackett Is Given An Update On Project Woodland’s Progress.

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The Minister of State for Forestry at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Senator Pippa Hackett, today announced progress on the implementation of Project Woodland and forestry licensing. Project Woodland is the Minister’s initiative to reform forestry policy and implementation in Ireland. The Minister chaired the seventh meeting of her Forestry Policy Group recently which is assisting on the implementation of the Project

In addition, this Department has indicated that a pilot pre-application conversation with foresters will be implemented to speed afforestation applications.

The Minister emphasised:

“I am absolutely committed to the future of forestry in Ireland, as I have stated on countless times. For our society, our rural economy, the natural environment, and the fight against climate change, the future of forestry is critical. The importance of forestry is also underlined in Ireland’s recently released Climate Action Plan 2021, which reaffirms the country’s goal of planting 8,000 hectares of new forest per year. This is our best climate solution based on nature. To re-engage farmers in afforestation and ensure that the opportunity is not wasted, collaboration is now essential.”

The Minister thanked all stakeholders for their continued support and openness in Project Woodland, and praised the four Chairs for their work. “She said,” she explained.

“I understand that finding common ground might be difficult, but I believe that by working together, we can make the change that is required. We’re making good progress and will keep doing so.”

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