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As an editor, you simply can’t be planning a main issue on Sustainable Landscaping and a special issue on Tree Care without Dr. Doug Tallamy coming to mind. Entomologist, college professor, and author of 2020 NY Times Best Seller, Nature’s Best Hope, Tallamy pioneered the concept of treating residential yards as “conservation corridors” within the larger ecosystem. Smithsonian Magazine called the book, “not just a horticultural revolution, but a cultural one, bridging the human-dominated landscape and the natural world,” while the Washington Post described it as “A full-blown manifesto that calls for the radical rethinking of the American residential landscape, starting with the lawn.” His most recent book, The Nature of Oaks, champions the mighty tree species for its ecological benefits. As you can imagine, I was thrilled when Dr. Tallamy agreed to write for Turf on why we should be planting more oaks in our landscapes. When it comes to planting, another college professor, Dr. Bert Cregg, and his team are doing important research on container-grown trees. He shares the latest findings on what transplant methods we should be using for greater success. A selection of tree care equipment and suggestions of tough trees for tough conditions round out our coverage. Happy Spring tree planting!



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Tree Services: Taking Tree Care To New Heights

April 2022 • Volume 16 • Number 1


Transplant Success: Stop Going In Circles | The latest research on the most successful transplant methods of container-grown trees.

Mighty Oaks | Dr. Doug Tallamy makes the case of why we should be planting more of this eco-logical powerhouse in our landscapes.

Get Equipped: Tree Care | From pruners and loppers to mulchers and brush cutters.

Tough Trees | Extreme weather conditions call for trees that can handle the onslaught.

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