Reclaiming West Virginia’s Former Mine Lands

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Since 1930, approximately 6 million acres of land in the United States have been disturbed by surface mining. When these areas are not properly restored — as has commonly been the case — a ripple effect of detrimental impacts begins to unravel on the environment. Compacted soil, lack of native tree coverage, and problematic invasive species to name a few. These unwanted environmental effects plague these kinds of lands, and it is pertinent to today’s climate concerns that this healing process begins immediately.

In West Virginia’s Kanawha County, a former surface mine area spanning about 5,000 acres is being reclaimed and repurposed for recreational use, as well as setting an example for post-mining reforestation efforts. A portion of that area known as the Mammoth Preserve has already seen major efforts being conducted to restore nearly 300 acres of that land

Partners in Reclamation

Partners such as Angel’s Envy and Salesforce have played a significant role in helping this project come to life and assisting in providing planting partners with the means to get the job done effectively. Planting partners like Green Forests Work, who specializes in restoring forests on reclaimed mine lands with no tree canopy, have already began doing amazing work to take back the land and set it on the path towards environmental prosperity.

Angel’s Envy has served as one of the key partners of the Mammoth Preserve project and has a unique stake in seeing this land thrive. The preserve is home to a vast variety of tree species, but the white oak in particular provides the ideal material for proper barrel-storage of the company’s signature bourbon. Angel’s Envy has continued to support white oak restoration and reforestation efforts for years. Through their experience and diligence, they have come to be known as a brand that understands what it means to maintain a population of trees in a sustainable, lasting way.

As one of Salesforce’s biggest environmental endeavors, land reclamation is of utmost importance to the company. Land reclamation is one of the biggest areas where trees are needed domestically, which is why Salesforce has gone above and beyond in donating more than 100,000 trees to the Mammoth Preserve project, consisting of around 20 different native species. This variety will provide the redeveloping area with tons of benefits as it grows, not only for the trees themselves, but for the wildlife habitats that are simultaneously being rebuilt through the project as well.

A Broader Impact

The Arbor Day Foundation is incredibly fortunate to be able to work with partners like these, as their efforts translate into more than just helping plant trees. The impact of the Mammoth Preserve project over 40 years will sequester nearly 60,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide, remove more than 200 tons of pollution in the air, and intercept around 182 million gallons of rainfall as well. By committing to projects like these, companies like Angel’s Envy and Salesforce are ultimately helping improve the air quality for the people in surrounding communities, cleaning and protecting the area’s waters, and supporting healthier communities and wildlife habitats for generations to come.

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