Knoydart Will Get A Forestry Subsidy To Build A New Sawmill.

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Scottish Forestry has approved a £15,386 grant for the Knoydart Forest Trust to acquire a new electric sawmill.

With this funding, the Trust will be able to more than double its current output of locally sourced sustainable timber to 70m3 per year, which will be used for a variety of local building projects, including renovations and new builds by the Knoydart Foundation as the local community looks to increase housing.

The new sawmill will run on renewable energy generated by the community’s hydro system, contributing to the Scottish Government’s Net Zero goal.

“”The Trust has been working hard to offer local jobs and utilise local timber for building projects on the peninsula,” said Lorna Schofield of the Knoydart Forest Trust. Increasing our production capacity will aid in the delivery of timber for Knoydart’s much-needed affordable dwellings.

“”The Trust is devoted to addressing the climate challenge, and the sawmill’s conversion to electric power is a significant step in that direction.” “Ms Schofield stated. “”We’ve also planted over 500,000 trees on community-owned land, resulting in 400 hectares of new native woodland. Our goal is to fulfil the objective of joining up the woodland across the peninsula to promote biodiversity and store up more carbon by collaborating with our neighbours.”

The trust has grown the local sawmill and firewood industry throughout the course of its 22-year operation. Its utilisation of local wood boosts the economy and creates jobs in Knoydart while also lowering the community’s carbon footprint. One of the highlights has been supplying the stunning oak timber flooring for the recently restored community hall – with the timber travelling only one mile from the tree to the sawmill and finally to its final resting place.

“This sawmill is a terrific example of fulfilling Scotland’s Forestry Strategy on the ground,” said Ian Collier of Scottish Forestry. The community is not only improving the sustainable management of its woodlands and creating much-needed timber, but they are also contributing significantly to Net Zero.

“”The Trust has a forest plan that has been approved, and it has a proven track record of managing and creating new forests.” It’s a great example of what can be done in the west Highlands, and I’m excited to collaborate with the Trust as they develop new ideas.””

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