INTERFORST 2022 Is On The Right Track.

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NTERFORST, which will take place on the exhibition grounds in Munich from July 17 to 20, 2022, is drawing a very favourable interim conclusion nine months before its inauguration. Despite the pandemic-related uncertainties, the forthcoming edition of the major international trade fair for forestry and forestry technology will be able to retain the record level of scientific activities and practical special exhibits set in 2018.

“We are totally on track with the statistics and planning,” says Petra Westphal, Exhibition Director at INTERFORST. There are even indicators of a modest increase in internationalisation right now. Even this cannot be taken for granted under the current circumstances, demonstrating that the sector will continue to require and utilise trade fairs as a platform in the future.”

INTERFORST 2022 will cover an area of about 80,000 square metres, with 11,000 square metres of hall space in B6 and 69,000 square metres of outdoor space. Around 450 exhibitors and over 50,000 guests are expected in total. “Around 36% of the exhibitors at the last INTERFORST came from foreign countries,” Westphal says. Our objective is to raise this percentage to 40%.” The choosing of Czech Republic as INTERFORST’s focal nation will also help: Westphal continues, “We see a lot of promise in the Southeast European market, especially when it comes to vacationers.” “As a result, the Czech Republic will be considered in all framework programme items.” Southeast Europe is the subject of one of two matching seminars we’re arranging with the German Agricultural Society (DLG).”

The scientific as well as practical programmes and special shows are an important part of INTERFORST. In the congress and forum area for 2022, the subjects “Forest Conversion / Climate Change,” “Forest Maintenance and Utilization Lines,” and “Forest Technology and Digitalization” are in the forefront.

The INTERFORST special show, organised by the Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik (KWF), the Erzeugergemeinschaft für Qualitätsforstpflanzen (EZG), the Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung (DGUV), and the Sozialversicherung für Landwirtschaft, Forsten und Gartenbau, will also be held in Hall B6 and the outdoor areas (SVLFG). For the first time, the DLG Forest Practice Arena in the outside area will be included to the unique presentation, which will focus on showcasing future trends.

Meanwhile, the green sofa has been installed in B6, which will be utilised as a gathering spot for business, science, and politics for lectures and debates by the Bavarian Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Forestry and proHolz Bayern.

The dates for INTERFORST have been significantly modified for one time only due to the various trade fairs that have been postponed in 2022. As Westphal explains, the trade show will begin on a Sunday this time. “”On this day, our supporting programme is fully targeted at small and medium-sized private forest owners,” he says. The AGDW-Die Waldeigenthaber, its regional associations, and the Austrian Forest Association all help us reach out to this customer.”

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