Induction Of Forest Haulage A Video For New Drivers Has Been Released.

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A Forest Haulage Induction Video has been released by the Forest Industry Safety Accord as a new online resource for the timber transport sector.

This tool is intended at new entrants who have HGV experience but have not previously driven in forest circumstances, as the haulage industry is now dealing with certain well-documented driver problems.

This includes drivers of gasoline tankers, low loaders, and vehicles bringing other products, in addition to the obvious lumber trucks. It is intended that haulage businesses will use this easily accessible online tool as part of their induction process to make a real impact on new entrants.

“Driving an HGV in the forest involves several additional obstacles compared to highway work,” said Neil Stoddart (Creel Consulting), chair of the FISA Forest Haulage Working Group. This movie provides a thorough introduction to some of these important factors.

“This type of training may save time, minimise staff turnover, and improve operational efficiency while also providing new employees with baseline safety vital information, ideally making them feel appreciated and assisting them in establishing effective communication with their bosses and foresters.”

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