In Tomsk, Russia, Ponsse Has Opened A New Service Center.

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Ponsse has committed over €2 million in the establishment of a new service center in Tomsk, Russia’s West Siberian region. On November 11, 2021, the new service center celebrated its grand opening. Customers may expect short service times and quick spare part deliveries thanks to large inventories and an effective logistics infrastructure.

The goal of the investment was to build a modern service center with a current repair area as well as a logistics center with a spare parts warehouse. This training center provides knowledge of the structure and operation of technology as well as skills on PONSSE harvesters and forwarders. The center employs a total of 26 workers.

“Ponsse has been active in Tomsk for approximately 15 years, and our dealer, Zeppelin Russland, was instrumental at the outset.” Ponsse has been fortunate to work with very active and devoted clients and partners from the beginning, who have supported and appreciated Ponsse’s remarkable success in the region. “A particularly good and beneficial relationship has evolved with Alexei Vasilyevich Maslov, an experienced local logger and timber processor whose company has helped us grow for many years,” says Jaakko Laurila, Managing Director of O Ponsse.

“The opening of the state-of-the-art new service facility is a natural progression, given the area’s rising client base and Ponsse machine fleet.” “Our clients in the Tomsk region are professional and ambitious, and Ponsse needs to evolve correspondingly to support the growth of their logging business,” Laurila continues.

“We’ve also seen and felt a positive creative interaction with the Tomsk region Administration over the years, which was one of the primary reasons Ponsse opted to invest in Tomsk,” Laurila thanks.

Ponsse, a dealer company, now has 44 service centers in Russia as part of its Ponsse service network. The network employs over 650 PONSSE specialists, the majority of whom are technical. All specialists are continually updated on their skills. Ponsse pays close attention to the quality of services and maintains them at a high Ponsse standard level in dealer companies, according to the unified service standards “ESW – Effective Safety Workshop – Effective and Safe Working Environment.”

The opening ceremony was attended by employees, as well as the Governor of the Tomsk Region Sergey Anatolyevich Zhvachkin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ponsse Plc Jarmo Vidgren, Managing Director of OOO Ponsse Jaakko Laurila, and other dignitaries and officials.

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