Green Industry Team Answers Call To Treat 150 Ash Trees In Des Moines

News and helpful info on tree root removal. Brought to you by SiteOne, Arborjet, and others joined forces in Iowa to treat trees against the devastation of emerald ash borer. The city of Des Moines, IA recently requested help to treat 150 ash trees that hadn’t been protected against emerald ash borer (EAB) for several … Read more

5 Trees That Smell Bad

News & useful tips on tree root removal. Avoid planting trees that produce awful aromas. Knowing which trees smell bad will help you cultivate a beautiful landscape without the horrific wafting odors of urine or excrement. gathered the following information about five tree species that emit a repugnant smell through their bark, foliage, or … Read more

Reforestation Spotlight: Boise National Forest

Stories and helpful info on tree stump removal. Ask anyone who lives there — Boise, Idaho, is a one-of-a-kind place. The city of 235,000 people is an outdoor lover’s dream, with whitewater rafting, hiking, mountain biking, and beautiful forests all within a stone’s throw. “We’re really proud of our city,” said Lance Davisson, who serves … Read more

Fight Fire Blight with Pruning & Treatments

News and interesting posts on tree surgeons. While tree diseases often thrive in spring, it is important to remember that proper care year-round can make a big difference in managing these issues. Some simple practices now can help combat disease. One good example is autumn and winter care to help control fire blight. Caused by … Read more

Watch Out for Winter Tree & Shrub Problems

Stories and interesting posts on tree services. Imagine staying outside all of the time, even during winter. Exposed to severe weather, you’d face many problems. Even though trees live and grow outside, that doesn’t mean that the challenges of winter aren’t stressful for them too! Low temperatures, heavy snow, ice storms and other extremes cause a … Read more

Holly Plant: A Holiday Favorite that Shines in Winter

News & useful information on tree services. Holly is commonly seen during the holiday season. Even carols tell us to ‘Deck the halls with boughs of holly.’ The plant’s green leaves and red berries (though some cultivars do have berries with other colors) are a festive pop of color in interior décor. In the outdoor … Read more

A Bug’s Life: Surviving the Winter

Stories & helpful information on tree stump removal. When the weather turns cold, we don’t think much about insects. What exactly happens to them during winter? The term overwintering is used to describe how insects navigate the challenges of the winter months and successfully come out on the other side. Insects typically have two different … Read more