According To New Data, 16,000 Trees Have Been Planted In Exeter.

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The data, which were presented during National Tree Week (November 27 to December 3), show that the City Council plants more than 700 trees every year on average.

Last Monday, the City Council announced that another 130 trees would be planted throughout the city in the following weeks, helping Exeter meet its goal of becoming net zero by 2030.

The new trees were chosen with species and location in mind, assisting in the maintenance and improvement of Exeter’s tree canopy.

Exeter is known for its parks and green spaces, which include walks and trails that residents and visitors alike can enjoy. Planting trees in cities has several benefits, including environmental, social, and economic benefits, as well as improved mental health and wellness.

The Council will receive a number of smaller trees (whips) in December, which will be planted as re-stocking in woodland areas where trees have been lost to ash dieback disease.

The City Council will plant a communal orchard in Pinhoe’s Library Fields next year. The trees will be part of the ‘Queen’s Green Canopy,’ commemorating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022, and will be gratefully given by Devon Wildlife Trust’s Saving Devon’s Treescapes initiative.

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