A £5k Punishment Has Been Imposed On A Housing Developer Who Cut Down Protected Trees.

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After felling protected trees in Warwickshire, a property developer was fined £5,000.

In March, Patrick Hutchinson felled two ash trees and injured two others in Clifton-upon-Dunsmore, according to Coventry magistrates.

After Rugby Borough Council expressed concerns about the impact of his development, a tree protection order (TPO) was imposed.

Mr Hutchinson admitted to violating the order.

It is illegal to cut down, uproot, lop, or top trees without permission, according to the directive.

The council was alerted by parish councillors the day after a new application for the development was submitted that a number of trees on the property had been cut down as part of unauthorised activity, according to the court.

Mr Hutchinson, of Theddingworth, said he “jumped the gun” by mistaking discussions between the council and his tree consultant for permission to proceed with the work.

During landscaping work on his development, he has promised to replace the trees.

“Even simple care of a protected tree requires prior approval from the council,” Councillor Jill Simpson-Vince stated following the hearing on November 17. “Claiming ignorance of a TPO’s existence or the breadth of the order’s protection gives no justification in the eyes of the law.”

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