5 Things Smokey Bear Wants You to Know

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Smokey Bear has been talking to us about forest fires since 1944, and today is his birthday! Over the last 77 years, he has been sharing his message about wildfire safety and prevention. In honor of his big day, here are five things Smokey Bear wants you to know about natural areas and fires.

5: Not all fires are bad.

When used properly, fire helps to maintain diverse and healthy ecosystems. This is called prescribed burning, and it can help keep or forests strong. Find out more about the benefits of fire.

4: Many different people are involved in fighting wildfires.

When fighting wildfires, each firefighter has a specific role to play … and some might surprise you.  Learn more about the different jobs of firefighters.

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3: You can prep your home for wildfires.

Do you live in or near wildlands? Taking basic precautionary steps can reduce the risk of fire for your home. Check out Smokey’s tips to help protect your home and stop wildfire spread.

2: Campfire safety is important.

Roasting marshmallows and telling campfire stories are summertime staples for many people. Be sure to read Smokey’s tips on being safe with your campfire — everything from selecting the right site to fully extinguishing.

1: You are an important part of the solution.

Smokey’s timeless tagline, “Remember – Only you can prevent forest fires,” is a critical message. While some wildfires start from lightning strikes and other natural causes, a majority are due to human activity. The National Interagency Fire Center stated that more than 53,000 wildfires were caused by humans in 2020 alone.

Happy birthday, Smokey Bear! Thanks for 77 years of helping to protect our forests!

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